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Official Name -- Republic of Korea (ROK)
*The official name of North Korea is The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Population -- 45 million
*By comparison, South Korea is slightly larger than Indiana whose population is just over 6 million.
Taegu Population -- 3.8 million

Okay, so the following tidbits aren't FACTS, but they are FUN!!

Custom made UNDERWEAR ?!?!  I don't even want to think about how they measure you for that!

Lasagna is also misspelled, but Labster is what really caught my eye.  If you're wanting to impress, nothing says sophistication like a Labster Dinner. 

This sign is posted on the corner of a building 1 block away from the base's front gate.  I drove and walked by it for 2 years before I saw the typo.  I was stopped in traffic one morning and happened to look over at it.   REARTY!  I love it -- classic!


These are the first few rules posted at the tattoo parlor. 
You've been warned.  If you go out this weekend and become the drunken, don't think you're getting tattooed here.  Just one question....if they only allow foreigners wouldn't that 20% off deal apply to all customers?  So, you aren't paying any less than anyone else going there, right?

Exactly what part of the animal does "stuff" come from?  If you're going to skewer stuff then by all means go all the way.  Too many businesses these days are taking short cuts with half skewers.

Cynthia Woertz, 2005